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Tea Pot


Welcome to TEAvestment, a company with a drive to promote investment in tea. We offer technical support to model the operating and financing assumptions for your tea production - from seed to finished product. If you are not yet producing tea, we hope you will explore our curated articles on tea financing. Join us in the next generation of tea investment!



We offer technical assistance in forecasting the financing needs of your tea company. From seed or clone to a finished cup of tea, our financial models will assist you in planning your upfront investment, a timeline for your tea business to 'break even' and repay its investment, and a profit forecast beyond your repayment period.

As a bonus, our product offers a handy planting schedule based on your inputs to help you stay on track to achieve success!


Modelling Components

Operating Model - The operating model uses your assumed dates of purchasing and planting for tea seeds or plants. This feeds into calculations of your upfront investment, as well as forecast future cash flows.

Financial Model - The financial model uses your budget assumptions to forecast production costs, break even points, and future profits.

Producing, harvesting, and processing models are available.